* Gold Banner- the banner is the representation of two origin domains that control multiverses time and existence. One is giving the spirit’s name of Horns of Mutli-Descendant Religions to uphold and achieve projective’s of perception to life morals and visual beliefs that multiple God’s and variables exist in various formats. The second one is giving the spirit’s name of Halos of Unity Descendant’s which are upholders of a one God variables of power and life morals of existence.


* Experience The World of Good Versus Evil! - the slogan to define both domains’ intentions, disagreements, beliefs and ideas of interest.


* K. C.- The initials of the main title name Killer Conflict.


I-The roman number for the letter 1, or titled as chapter one of Killer Conflict.


* Skull- displayed as representation of all organic life forms will achieve great expectations in conflict but will come at an ultimate price for it.


* Royal Candles- represents governments, royal entities, spirits of light, power, and multi religions to its authority.


* Red Candles- Dark entity multi religion variables, blood of consumption, red perception of power, flames of contamination.


* Green Candles- Light entity unity and integrity, light of truth, power of infrastructure, flames of recreation.


* Grey Orb- the first multiverse orb from its ominous domain. Multiverses are created and given orbs of infrastructure with planets and realms inside them.

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